On A Budget? Don’t Go Grocery Shopping In Bethel, Alaska [Video]

Bethel, Alaska

$20 for a canister of coffee. $54 for a pack of diapers. Hey, look Coke is on sale for $9.98.

You might be shocked at those prices, but for the citizens of one Alaskan town, it’s the norm.

Before you plan a getaway to Alaska or move to the bush, you need to watch this video. A trip to Bethel, Alaska’s only grocery store, the “AC” Store will definitely enlighten you on the high cost of living.

The video shows who we assume is a citizen of Bethel, Alaska going on a routine grocery run to “pick up a few things.” A visit to the local and seemingly only store uncovers a plethora of items, from soda to all-terrain vehicles. Where else can you pick up a boat and some milk all in the same place, not even Walmart can offer that… yet.

As the filmer walks through the store, he shows us the extreme prices for common household products, like a bottle of Cascade dishwasher detergent will set you back about $20, and forget about it if you have a baby. A box of Huggies goes for $54.

For those that are unfamiliar with Bethel, Alaska, here are some facts. Only accesible by air or boat, the town is located close to the west coast of the state. The town is home to the state’s lone detention center and it is strictly against the sale of alcohol. In fact, town officials will turn down any request for a liquor license, so it isn’t exactly party central. Bethel has more cabs per capita than any other city in the United States, so there’s that. Living in a place where the weather could cut off the road transportation, it seems like there is a general understanding that supplies are going to cost you.

So, if you decide to head Bethel, Alaska make sure to save up for groceries. Oh, and pack a really heavy jacket…

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