Norwegian Navy Offers Beard Request Form For Soldiers

beard shavings

Members of the Norwegian Navy can grow a beard if they want, but there is one catch: the beard request form. A simple paper form that gives the soldier the opportunity to have facial hair.

Posted by Redditor “aellgutta”, the post explained the purpose of the beard application. Thanks to the handy translation, the post shared what the form asks of the soldier:

“On the top it says “BEARD APPLICATION”, then it’s rank/ military ID-number, full name and platoon/ division. Then it says “Reason:” to which I wrote “I get irritated skin from daily shaving and it’s starting to get cold outside.” Under the sketch I drew, it says “DRAW HERE!” and at the bottom the Lieutenant has written that he will inspect it after the next excercise (which gave me about 2,5 weeks) followed by a stamp to show my application was accepted.”

Irritated skin and cold weather, sounds like a pretty good reason for a beard.

Beard application

Not only does the form ask the requestor to describe their reasoning of needing facial hair, it also gives a space for the soldier to draw what their facial hair would look like.

Aellgutta’s thread immediately went viral. Surprisingly, more comments were about his drawing of the beard than the actual beard request form.

No word on if his request was approved or not…

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