Rockers, Marilyn Manson And Billy Corgan Host Reddit AMA, Kind Of A Letdown [ICYMI]

Corgan and Manson Tour

Musicians, Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan are kicking off their joint tour and as part of the publicity the duo hosted a Reddit AMA. And, of course, you know Social News Daily was there.

The two rockers opened the floor for fans to ask anything about the tour, Manson’s latest album, ‘The Pale Emperor’ and The Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album, ‘Monuments To An Elegy.’

After there were two answers to every accepted question, the AMA was a bit lengthy, but fans still asked their deepest desires. You would think with Manson’s DGAF attitude and Corgan’s rocker personality, this AMA would be edgy and revealing. Spoiler alert: It’s not. In fact, some of it seemed forced. Corgan and Manson were trying so hard to seem like best buddies. But, it just seemed cheesy. And then there was their tour, which they mentioned at every chance they had.

Don’t believe us? Check out these highlights from their AMA session…

There is always that one person that ask  the lame questions…

Manson and Corgan AMA

And of course, there is that person that calls them out for it. Tigerbeat, now that is award-winning journalism…

I’m surprised no one mentioned how forced Corgan’s and Manson’s friendly banter was. Sorry, but I just don’t see Manson making these cheesy one-liners that are laced throughout the session.

Now here is a strange questions. Rock and roll and history, goes together like peanut butter and…
Manson and Corgan AMA

Now it was evident that Corgan and Manson were doing this session to help raise publicity about the tour they are about to embark on. Titled ‘The End Of The World’ tour, fans had a lot of apocolypse questions to ask, and Manson seems an expert on the end times. After all, he did write a song called ‘Antichrist Superstar.’

Manson and Corgan AMA

Totally publicity answer.

Then fans started asking the questions that actually had entertaining answers. It is always funny to hear the lengths fans will go to get the attention of their idol. You would think they would have some crazy story of a groupie…

Manson and Corgan AMA

… but, they don’t. Their stories just weren’t the knee-slappers we thought the would be…

Then, you would think two musicians would consider music an art form and say something like, “I devote my life to music. I love music. Music makes the world go around.” But, they didn’t. In fact, they consider making music to be work and when they aren’t working they have nothing to do with it.

Check out their answer when a fan asked what they liked to listen to in their spare time: MoTown or Rock?

Manson and Corgan AMA

Of course, someone had to bring up Manson’s short stint on the hit TV series, Sons Of Anarchy…



Manson and Corgan AMA

Just like every other AMA session, someone asks about weed. It’s inevitable…
Manson and Corgan AMA

Then it was back to the topic of touring. In true Marilyn Manson fashion, he talked about his time in Transylvania. He also talked about the time he performed at the MTV Europe Awards in Ireland. His set of a burning cross made out of televisions offended his mainly Catholic audience. When he hit the stage, the entire audience turned their backs on him in protest.


Not to be outdone, Billy shares a story about a Smashing Pumpkins show in Slovenia. The crowd started giving the band a Nazi salute. While the band thought the audience was calling them Nazis, it turns out it was a form of protest about the war that happening 60 miles away.


Manson and Corgan AMA


Then back to the lame questions. What do you eat for breakfast? Always with the breakfast. Who the hell cares? Plus, it seems Manson is way too rock and roll for breakfast. In fact, he even says his diet pretty much revolves around marijuana and vodka. While Corgan is surprisingly a health nut who eats gruel. Groundbreaking stuff. Oh, but the two shared a lovely dinner of salmon. So hardcore…
Manson and Corgan AMA

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