Sleeping on Space Shuttle, Circa 1983

If you are of a curious nature and intrigued by science which many of us are, you may wonder how astronauts sleep on the space shuttle and when in zero gravity. Though there is much news available to us now about such things because of the web, we have to remember, the 80’s were a very different time.

We did not yet have access to the web and information such as this was only available to those who went out of their way to find it. Thankfully, now with the internet we can look back and find some records about how astronauts used to sleep in space. Put it this way, it did NOT look comfortable (unless you are a vampire).


Pretty sure they have bunks and better methods now, but man, they way they used to have to sleep in the space shuttle was rough, huh? Just kind of floating there. Small price to pay to get to fly around space I guess. Please note how one of them has an eye mask on. Rumor is sun can get REAL bright in the morning while up in space.

Remy Carreiro


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