A Guy’s Understanding Of Female Panties

Man, we men are so stupid, huh? Like, what is this strange material used to cover a woman’s bathing suit area? It is almost as if we didn’t know what it was we would think it was some fancy, lattice eye-patch or something. Truth is, I don’t think men are quite as stupid as this video implies (and also don’t think most men would pick up panties off the ground outside their place), but once you realize it is just trying to be funny at the expense of both our genders, you can forgive it and almost laugh.

Side note, in case you didn’t know before, apparently you can use woman’s panties to choke someone out. So the next time someone is messing with you, just keep a pair in your pocket for a weapon.


I am sure NO ONE will think that is weird at all.

Remy Carreiro


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