“Feminist Mad Max” Brings High-Octane Equality Statements [Meme]


A lot of you meme lovers out there know Feminist Ryan Gosling, and boy, do you know it by heart. Thanks to him, we’re never going to look at the statement “hey girl” the same way again.

With the dawning of the ultimate glorious badassery known as “Mad Max: Fury Road”, it should come as no surprise that the Internet now knows the meme-tasticness of Feminist Mad Max. Bathed in sand and the blood of their enemies, these badass ladies (and honorary Badass Lady Tom Hardy) are burning rubber onto the road of gender equality.

Strap in. We’re going to smash gender roles and watch the patriarchy burn, one meme at a time.


Max knows focusing on strengths + combining powers = teamwork.


Max knows the right way to treat victims of sexual assault: protect them, believe them, don’t ever judge them.


Max totally respects a woman’s authority. It’s what’s kept them alive and awesome all this time, after all.


Because women are totally capable of kicking ass, saving themselves, and saving the guy, too.


And women can be caring, have balls of steel, and take the wheel of a mad monster vehicle, all at the same time. What, like it’s hard?

At present the tumblr account still has a handful of images for the meme, but we’re ready to bet ourbits that it’ll spread like petroleum wildfire within the next few days. Just give it time, you’ll see.

The meme has also managed to get a faction of the Internet called Men’s Rights Activists for no good reason. Is that so? Good.

All hail Imperator Furiosa, and all women who follow in her fierce, flaming, feminist footsteps. We all need to recognize the badass women like her in our lives.

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