Chicken Run: Hen Named Nuggets Flees Convenience Store


A midnight prank goes wrong for a group of teenagers and right for one very confused chicken earlier today.

Some teenager prankers threw a very bewildered hen into a convenience store in the wee hours of the morning, and proceeded to do the same thing to another chicken at a Bondoora BP service station. CCTV captured the possee as they walked away from the scene of the prank.


One of the police officers spotted the convenience store chicken crossing the road, and picked it up to secure its safety. After two hours, they also found the second feathered friend with a tip off from one of the Whittlesea Council rangers, as the bird kept safe and comfy in a corner of the service station. Curious customers spotted the bird, and one even gave it a kiss on its head.

The birds were taken back to the station, and were affectionately named Nuggets and Chook Chook, respectively.

The birds were “detained” at Epping Police Station for the night before being escorted back home. While the human culprits are at large, the police force will keep an eye out for any similar fowl play in the next few weeks.

Chicken-arrested-at-McDonalds-after-prank-by-gang-of-teens (1)

At present, Nuggets and Chook Chook have been returned to the safety of their coop in
Findon Primary School, as reported in this incredibly punny article. (you have been warned.)


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