Salem’s Parking Lot: #MallMovies Trending on Twitter


This week has certainly been a good one for hashtags. We love how creative and hilarious the good folks on Twitter are. It seems they’ve also got movies on the mind too, as we saw with #SoftenAFilm.

These cinephiles have got something fresh and funny up their sleeves, and we’re loving every tweet of it. Introducing #MallMovies, where tweeps take a film title and give it a very distinct mall flavor.

Get ready to smell the linoleum, hear the muzak, and settle into your comfy seat. Grab a bucket of popcorn while you’re at it, too, because we’ve hand-picked some of the funniest ones this trend has to offer.

It’s a metaphor.

This Chelloveck certainly knows how to play the eegra.

Only the mall’s finest; we wouldn’t doubt they love Awesome Mix Vol. 1, too.

Because deep-sea espionage is also hungry work.

You’ll shudder, you’ll cry, you’ll scream… over how cute they are.

Revenge is a dish best served cold … and at 50% off.

The bread sticks were very compelling.

Feivel never saw it coming.

Got a great #MallMovie idea? Tweet it, hashtag it, and let us know with a tag to @SocialNewsDaily! We’d love to see your own take on this trend.

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