Little Lost Bunny Searches for Owner; Goes to Eurovision [Viral]


This bunny has crossed oceans, visited museums, danced at concerts, and is now well on its way to one of the biggest European music events — all in the name of searching for its owner.

The stuffed toy, nicknamed Lost Bunny, is now the newest viral sensation of Ridgeway, an Oxford, UK-based car hire company. It was found on May 1st in a Land Rover during one of the routine cleanups. Ever since, the team has taken Lost Bunny on trips, cataloging his adventures, and sharing them on social media. Lost Bunny’s escapades have been shared over 450,000 times and counting, and fans have begun to track his daily derring-dos with gusto.

This weekend may be his biggest adventure yet — he’ll be waltzing to Austria for the 2015 Eurovision Music Contest.


“The ultimate goal is to reunite Lost Bunny with his owners,” says Phillip Deacon, 44, the group marketing manager of Ridgeway. “We see it that we have Lost Bunny on ‘borrowed ownership’, so while we are determined to reunite him with the child, we are also really enthusiastic about ensuring the bunny is entertained in the meantime.”

“I have a child myself so I know they view their toys in a different way to adults, so we wanted to keep that magic alive and give him a scrap book to go home with.” thinking about his own son, Haydn, would feel about losing a beloved toy, inspired him to make Lost Bunny’s adventures possible. “You can tell Lost Bunny is well-loved as he’s quite scruffy and has clearly been carried around by a child a lot. If someone had gone to all this trouble for my child I would delighted and it would really make my day. And the child would no doubt be over the moon.”


Is currently safe and well on Austrian soil, and is no doubt enjoying the warm sun and greenery of the parks in Neubruck, Lower Austria.

Philip is keen to unite Lost bunny with his human, and hopefully soon. “Lots of people have even asked if they can adopt him, but we have to keep in mind our end goal, which is to reunite him with his owner.”

“We have met important clients and had the first thing they ask be ‘how is Lost Bunny?’ – it’s fantastic how everyone is joining in the spirit of it.”

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