Dazed and Confused: You NEED To See These Wisdom Tooth Fails!

Watching fail videos has become a way of life for many people. There is something oddly gratifying about watching someone you don’t know fail at something. That may sound mean, but that is okay. I am being honest, too, and speaking for most of the population. This does not mean we like to see people fail and get hurt. Oh wait, if we enjoy these videos I guess that is exactly what that means. Well, in this case, it is a bunch of people who just got wisdom teeth or (or some similar procedure) and are still heavily medicated while filming.

So really, we are just laughing at people who are drugged out of their minds, which is almost even WORSE than laughing at people who fail at stuff. These poor people are just victims of life. Listen, everyone fails now and again. We do it, too. This is a judgement free zone. Really.

But this video cements what I had already thought for a long time. You best make a deal with whomever picks you up after dentist that there will be NO filming. Have them sign some kind of waver or something. Because a good friend will help you out, but a great friend will bust out the camera, film you, then help you out so they can use it against you later.

What? I am just being honest. Here, something that will make you feel better….

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Remy Carreiro


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