David Letterman Has One Final, Star-Studded, Top Ten List That Will Floor You

David Letterman has been an absolute force in the late-night TV world. The man’s dry humor and sardonic delivery have made him one of the most iconic TV hosts since Carson. So it makes sense his final top ten list would be both awesome and kind of bitter sweet to see. Awesome because all of the talent you see come through and pay their respects. Awesome because the man is, and will always be, a part of television history. Bitter sweet because, whilst watching it, you realize it is the last time you will ever see David Letterman do this bit.

It is honestly hard not to get a little emotional, just because many of us grew up watching this man.  It is sort of like saying goodbye to an old friend you have this weird feeling you may not see again. But also, it is almost too funny and awesome to get upset by. Think of it like a viking funeral. It is somewhat sad, but it is way more badass than sad.

So to David Letterman, I say, thank you for entertaining us for most of your life. You were a television personality quite unlike any television had ever seen. And though you will be replaced, you will never be forgotten. Like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam said. Can’t find a Betterman. Can’t find a Letterman….

Remy Carreiro


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