From ‘Jaws’ To ‘Paws’; #SoftenAFilm Is Giving Movie Titles A Cozy Twist

[Photo credit: Twitter]

Yet another creative hashtag is getting Twitter users to post their hilarious creations. Yesterday, we were treated to #RejectedPairings, now we have #SoftenAFilm.

The trending hashtag has users take a scary or negative movie title and transforming it into something happier and friendlier. For example, American Sniper would become American Snuggler

Jaws to Paws, Snakes On A Plane to Puppies On A Plane….

You get the idea. #SoftenAFilm

Even celebrities are getting in on the fun, like Zach Braff who took a jab at the newly released action movie, Mad Max.

Even brands and company profiles took their shot at a pun. For example, Benefit Cosmetics took one thriller straight to Sesame Street.

Although some could argue this would be even scarier. Just envision an enraged Elmo with a knife. #nightmare

It wasn’t just horror and thriller films that get the softening treatment. Some transformed naughtier titles, such as Debbie Does Dallas.

Of course, some do-gooder Twitter users took #SoftenAFilm to the next level by creating a photo to go with their suggestions.

What if Godzilla was just looking for directions?

What if Brad Pitt instigated a giant pillow fight?

Even the iconic classics weren’t safe.

Say hello to my little friend…

What film would you choose? Hurry and tweet it, make sure use #SoftenAFilm. Don’t forget to tag us, @SocialNewsDaily!

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