Fiji’s Floating Pizzeria Will Blow your Mind [Photos]


If you’re looking for your next great escape, and you’re itching for some R&R out in the big blue, there’s one place we’d love to show you right now.

Imagine this: water, water, gorgeous clear blue water everywhere. It’s absolutely warm and lovely. You decide it;s finally time to take a break, and your tummy growls in agreement. you hoist yourself out of the big blue on a steel ladder onto a smooth wooden floor, and it hits you: the aroma of freshly-baked pizza, hot out of the oven. Your friends call over to your table; the cute one you’ve been crushing on hands you your favorite cocktail. It’s you, your buddies, the sun, the sea, and a delicious slice of pizza and a cold drink. Absolute heaven.

This is what awaits you at Fiji’s newest and hottest bar-cum-pizzeria,Cloud 9. Aptly named, this grand floating bar can be accessed by a quick 15-minute ride by speedboat from Musket Cove resort, or 45 minutes from Port Denarau. White canvas beckon from a distance, and cushioned mats hold promises of lounging in style. the bar not only boasts a brick wood-fired pizza oven for that authentic Italian flavor, but also a well-stocked bar. Cloud 9 is also happy to provide you with snorkels, surfboards, and other equipment as you frolic in the clear waters while waiting for your pizza.

But don’t take our word for it. Let these pictures do the talking.

“If you like pina coladas, …”

Or catch a tan while you wait.

So gorgeous.

Watch an aerial of Cloud 9 here:

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