“GOT, That Was Not Okay”: Twitter Reacts to #BlackWedding


Okay, GOT fans. Let’s assess.

First, there was #RedWedding.  then there as #PurpleWedding. And now, we have #BlackWedding.

Clearly, social media felt it was absolutely, irrevocably not okay.

Did Sean Bean (Daddy Ned Stark himself) knew what was coming all along? and more importantly, was he trying to warn us? 

Feminist Geek site The Mary Sue announced they will no longer be promoting the show on their website.


Twitter went up in smoke over the weeping and lamentation of many of its netizens. It’s hasn’t been a very good week.

They deserve a blanket. And maybe some hot coco.

Okay, maybe a bucket and wet wipes, too.

“Hi, I’m Jonette, and I used to be a Game Of Thrones fan.”

and yes, a good cry.

Fans are now wary of color themes and weddings. We personally don’t blame them.

We might see a drop in color-themed weddings this week.


A number of them saw how disaster could have been averted, and had only one collective thing to say: WHY?!

So much anger.

Others prefer something more subtle.

The book readers know what’s up.

Sorry, GoT. Looks like some fans have now Noped out of your viewership.



How does George R. R. Martin feel? He released an official response to the episode, explaining that the TV series and the novels are two different creatures, and should be treated as such. Meanwhile, in Twitterland:

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