Man Hangs Off Edge Of Cliff And Talks About Taking Risks

taking risks

Pulpit Rock in Norway is an incredibly dangerous tourist attraction. It is a 2,000 foot cliff with no safety rails or any protection whatsoever. Step an inch too far in one direction or another and you likely plummet screaming to your death. But does this stop thousands from flocking to it every year? No, it is a huge attraction. This leads to an inspiring discussion about risks. Why do we take them? What drives us to risk our own lives? What benefits do we yield from taking risks? How about you hear the advice from someone actually pretty much dangling off Pulpit rock? Will that drive home what he is saying more loudly to you, so you remember it? It sure did for me.

The reality is, people can talk to you about taking risks all they want, but would you listen to someone who is telling you about risks while taking none themselves? I think the point here is to show that often, in many ways, risk equals reward. He drives that point home quite astutely by dangling himself over the side of a cliff drop that would make most people vomit. Keep in mind, his pay off is a view most will not see in their entire lives. The true majesty of nature on display. But there was risk involved with that reward. Get it?

taking risks

But when you listen to him, and see just how serious he takes that advice himself, it connects with you. Risk does not have to mean doing something stupid or putting your life at actual risk. Sometimes, risk can be as simple as stepping outside of your comfort zone for a moment and just challenging yourself.

Either way, you have to commend a man who lives by his own advice, which is just what we see here. Risky, yes. But awesome? Yes.

Remy Carreiro


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