Some Jaw Dropping Extreme Frisbee Catches

When you normally think of a game of Frisbee, you imagine two guys standing in a field across from one another throwing a disk back and forth. And in most instances, you would correct in that assumption. But what about extreme Frisbee? All I can is, if you think you have seen Frisbee before, prepare to have all your expectations blown away. This may be Frisbee, but it is some other level stuff.

Now there are some shots in this video that you would think would be impossible to pull off. Stuff you imagined doing as a kid but assumed only a ninja could do. But YouTube star DevinSuperTramp puts out vids like this on the regular. Dude’s insane in the coolest ways possible.

extreme frisbee

Keep in mind, half the stuff they do in between all the extreme Frisbee is just as insane. From walking on high wares to leaping off a moving dune buggy to make a catch, this video will ensure you never look at Frisbee the same way. It will also make you realize just how lame you are next time you stand in a field and toss one back and forth.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go practice leaping out of moving vehicles.

Remy Carreiro


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