Girl Dragged Down The Street By School Bus [Video]

school bus drags girl

It was every parent’s nightmare in Louisville, Kentucky after a little girl was rushed to the hospital after being dragged down the street by an unsuspecting school bus driver.

The child, who is being described as a five or six-year-old, was getting off the bus when her backpack was snagged by the closing door. The driver then took off down the street, dragging the little girl about the distance of a football field.

Neighbors looked on with horror as the bus drove down the street. A security camera caught part of the incident, which shows a good samaritan coming to the rescue. A Camaro speeds down the road to catch up with driver to get his attention. Fortunately, the driver was able to alert the bus driver and get the bus stopped.

The owner of the security camera, Tom Carman, told a local news station that without the intervention of the Camero, “the bus driver may have just kept going.”

Onlookers rushed to the little girl’s aid. Surprisingly, she was still conscious. One onlooker said the child immediately asked for her mother. The girl was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A witness told WLKY about the extent of her injuries and how the girl had”hardly any skin left” on her leg.

“Her shoes was off; her pants got ripped off. It was just horrible to see her like that on the ground,” Esther Burlison told WLKY.

The little girl’s babysitter, Brian Burlison, spoke out about the incident, saying the bus driver was being pretty irresponsible and “should have watched the girl walk up the driveway before she pulled off.”

The accident is under investigation. After the authorities arrived, students onboard the school bus were loaded into another bus. Onlookers say the bus driver was visibly distraught after the incident.

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