Fruit Ninja in Real Life Will Blow Your Mind

Do you guys remember the game Fruit Ninja that was so huge on phones a few years ago? It involved fruit being tossed at the screen of your phone and you using your finger like a sword to cut the fruit in half before it fell out of sight. As silly as it may sound, there was an addictive quality to the game, as you always wanted to beat your own best score and best yourself. Well, guess what Fruit Ninja fans? Pretty sure we just found the guy in real life, and it is even more impressive than it sounds.

The man you are witnessing here is master blades-man Isao Machii, and his skill set is nothing short of staggering. The man is legend in the world of swords, and is the lucky belt holder of multiple Guinness World Records for his skills. He is a master of the Laido stroke. The Laido stroke is what warriors would often implement to kill their enemies using only one slash. So if you really DO recall Fruit Ninja, when we were swiping our fingers frantically to cut a flying pineapple in thirds, that is pretty much the exact opposite of Laido. Honestly, you just need to see this guy in motion for yourself to really believe what he can do. It is the stuff of legend.

Imagine having the pin point accuracy of this man? He is the kind of guy who could cut a bullet in half before it reached his skull (please note, I just made that up and there is no science based on that). This guy really needs to have a Twitter account so I can hit him up and see if he will join my squad of survivors during the impending zombie apocalypse. If Walking Dead taught as anything, it is that a sword is the best weapon in the world to wield in such an instance. And just imagine how quick he could make a salad or carve a turkey? Skills like Isao Machii has are insane to witness, and makes you wish you had a sword hanging over your fireplace so you could carve up some stuff of your own.

Side note, please don’t try this at home, kids. You will seriously end up losing an eye or at least cutting your cat in half by mistake. So not worth it, leave it to the real ninja. Like this dude.

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Remy Carreiro


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