Olympian Uses Javelin To Pull Daughter’s Tooth [Video]

Javelin athlete

Olympian decathlete champion, Bryan Clay practiced some amateur dentistry with his daughter, Ellie. The athlete tweeted out a video of him using a javelin to help remove his daughter’s loose tooth.

The 2008 Olympian and gold medal winner captioned the video, “What you use javelins for once you’ve retired.” The video shows the 5-year-old with a string tied around her loose tooth. The other end of the string is attached to Clay’s javelin. Clay throws the stick into the air and Ellie’s tooth comes out with no problem. In fact, later in the video Ellie is seen asking for a drink of water like nothing ever happened.

Before people start to criticize his parenting choices, Clay later shared that the javelin stunt was Ellie’s idea.

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