Robin Williams Impersonator Strikes Again: Gandalf, Matthew McConaughey, And George W Bush [Watch]

Remember this guy? Jamie Costa, the impersonator who went viral with this tribute video to Robin Williams.

Costa, from South Carolina and well-known for his Vine account, has been gaining social media speed since his tribute and he granted our wishes and delivered another video. But this time instead of just doing Robin Williams, he includes Gandalf (‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’), the 43rd Preseident of the United States George W. Bush, and Matthew McConaughey.

Super cool to watch him transition in a video with no breaks and do these impressions flawlessly… But, please, Mr. Jaime Costa, can we try recording it horizontally? The people love the landscape mode!

Almost half a million likes in less than a day. Not too shabby, Jamie.

If you have not seen the Robin Williams tribute, watch that below.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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