Mayweather Open to #MayPac Rematch [Poll]


A lot of folks may have found the #MayPac match to be both a snoozefest and a disappointment, but it seems Floyd Mayweather enjoyed it so much, he’s open to another round with Manny Pacquiao.

Reason? Perhaps the fact that (1) Mayweather won, and (2) he earned $180 million from that match alone. Money, after all, is his middle name, and he knows a good opportunity to earn it when he sees it. He’s thinking of lining something up for September, so it’s highly likely the pay-per-view companies are gearing up the hype for this, should it become official.

Nothing is official right now, though a tweet from ESPN gave us a good clue about Money’s feelings about this:

A word to the wise, though: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is on Mayweather’s camp, and we can safely say he is on Money’s payroll.

A rematch will also need Manny Pacquiao back in fighting form. The May 4 match did take six years to happen after they first agreed to fight, after all. To add to that, after a shoulder injury may make him face a five-million-dollar class action lawsuit, It may take quite a while before we see Pacman saying yes to a September bout. Usually, it’s the loser who calls for a rematch, so the chances of #MayPac Part 2 actually happening? A lot of people aren’t too keen on holding their breath for this.

On the other hand, both Mayweather and Pacquiao did earn $83,000 and $55,000 per second, respectively. The numbers do seem hard to turn down, but the decision ultimately lies between these two athletes.
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