Men Sneak Their Way Into Mayweather Entourage During ‘Fight Of The Century’

Mayweather entourage

It was called the fight of the century and these men got an up close and personal view. The Essex men were able to con their way into Floyd Mayweather’s entourage as he went out to face off with Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather’s enourage was extremely large and included big names, such as Justin Bieber and the Burger King mascot. The large group increased by two after Chris Stowe, 30 and Ifran Ahmed, 29 decided their seats weren’t good enough. Donning team Mayweather attire, they made their way ringside.

The men tweeted about the chance of a lifetime.

It seems as if Mayweather didn’t mind the extra crowd.

Many members of the entourage where oblivious to the fact that the men were not really friends of Mayweather.

“We hung out with Bieber for ages. We were hugging him when Floyd was announced the winner. He just thought we were part of The Money Team,” Stowe explains.

Although, not everyone fell for their ruse, but even those people didn’t seem to mind.

And to think it didn’t cost them a cent.

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