Clown Gives Melbourne Commuters The Creeps


This clown seems to have come out straight from a Creepy Pasta thread.

Karen, a Melbourne, Australia resident, was going about her own business as she got on her train headed from Ballarat headed to Southern Cross station Saturday morning,  when she noticed another passenger whose presence seemed to herald trouble.

“I sat back expecting the usual relaxing trip,” she told 774 ABC Radio on a complaint call Tuesday morning.  “When I got to Ardeer or Deer Park station a creepy looking guy got on the train wearing a suit. He appeared to be a young man, wearing an angry clown mask and carrying a suitcase.”

Karen was rather shocked that no one, not even security, was alarmed with this masked clown or even stopped to have him checked before boarding the train. Unfortunately for her, things were about to get creepier.

Later on the train, Karen did her best to calm her nerves and enjoy the rest of the trip, However, the terrified looks on her fellow passengers up front told her that the masked man had walked in from the third carriage and settled himself quite comfily into the seat right behind hers int he first carriage. He had also taken the time to turn around, and stare everyone down. At this point, everyone was on edge, hoping and praying he wouldn’t reach into his suitcase and pull a gun or a bomb on them.

Later Tuesday afternoon, a man named Andrew called the radio station,and explained that the masked man was in fact his step-son. His step-son, 14 years old, was studying clowning at the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia, and was on his way to one of his classes. It seems that the teenager has a penchant for dressing up and going about town in various characters and personas — only this one was too unsettling for the public’s own good.

Andrew promised that he would give his the teenager a stern talking-to when he came home.

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