Lenders’ Den: Hilarious ‘Shark Tank’ Parody About Freeloading Friends Asking To Borrow Your Stuff

The Lenders are back in the den.

A Los Angeles based sketch comedy group, Charney Comedy, uploaded a hilariously honest spoof on the ABC reality television show ‘Shark Tank’ called ‘Lenders’ Den.’

Currently going crazy popular on Reddit, this parody is about a group of friends, the Lenders, who have recently purchased popular items that other people might ask to borrow temporarily instead of buying it for themselves. Like a truck to haul a couch, or movie streaming service username and password.

These freeloading friends from your social circle stop by the Lenders’ Den to make a bid on your stuff. Hopefully the Lenders’ are feeling generous, if you have the right bid of course.

Don’t worry, the parody still has Mark Cuban.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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