Jason Alexander From ‘Seinfeld’ Records Personal George Costanza Answering Machine Message For Kat Dennings [Watch]

A very special nostalgic treat happened on the ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ this week. Fans of ‘Seinfeld’ will recognize this song immediately. The famous George Costanza’s famous answering machine message, which was sang along to the TV series Greatest American Hero’s theme song.

Jason Alexander was a great sport after hearing the star of ‘2 Broke Girls’, Kat Dennings, had been using the Constanza message as her personal voicemail for the last 6 years.

Well, what happens when you have Jason Alexander, aka George Costanza, right in front of you on national television? With the little help of James Corden, you have him record it personally on your own phone rather than Kat recording it off of YouTube.

Bravo, Jason. He still got it! *snap snap*

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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