This Is What MacGyver Looks Like Today

[Photo credit: Daily Mail]

In Hollywood, looking good is important especially as you age. Many stars will try anything to keep their looks, while others can’t help but let themselves go. It seems time hasn’t been too kind to American TV hero icon, Richard Dean Anderson. Anderson, who has best known for his roles as MacGyver and Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill, was spotted doing a little grocery shopping on Wednesday in Malibu, California.

The former heartthrob looks a lot differently then past years as he smiles for the camera. THe 65-year-old now sports a mustache and messy silver hair. He was dressed for running errands in dark blue sweatpants, white long-sleeved shirt and white sneakers. The photos shows the former MacGyver pushes his grocery cart to the car, unloading his bags and smiling at the camera.



Anderson’s rise to fame began on General Hospital and various CBS shows. His big break came in the mid 80s when he was cast as the leading role in MacGyver. After the show ended in 1992, he entered the world of sci-fi with the role of Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill on the Stargate TV series. He was also the show’s executive producer. There has also been a couple of revived MacGyver movies.

Besides sci-fi conventions, the semi-retired star now lives in Malibu. He says his main focus is being a single father to his 16-year-old son.

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