Swedish Cops Stop New York Subway Attack [Video]

New York Officers

Some officers put their vacation plans on hold to save the day for some commuters on a New York subway. The four Swedish cops were visiting New York and were on their way to see the Broadway show, Les Miserables. As the men were on the subway train, they noticed a angry homeless man attacking another rider. The men quickly subdued the man and held him their until New York police officers could arrive.

As you can see in the video, the men stay extremely calm as they hold down the struggling man. The culprit yells things out like, “I can’t breathe” and “Let me just talk for a second.” Despite all of this, the men continue to talk to him rationally, calling him “Sir.”

Once the New York police showed up, the train was evacuated and the man was taken into custody.

The men are being hailed as heroes, but they remain humble.

“We came here for vacation. We’ve been here one day. We’re no heroes, just tourists,” Makrus Åsberg, who is a 25-year-old officer from Uppsala, Sweden, told the New York Post.

Their response has gone viral and is being reported by many media outlets. The New York Post tweeted this out as the story broke.

Social media has also taken hold of the story. Users are sharing their story and some are even making some unusual observations.

In case you were wondering, the men were still able to make it on time for their Broadway show. This is definitely one vacation these men won’t easily forget.

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