Photos From The Volcano Calbuco Eruption In Chile Are Extraordinary

Chile’s Volcano Calbuco erupted yesterday, about 600 miles south of Santiago, forcing 4,000 people to evacuate after a red alert was issued in the area. The first one since 1972, but thankfully there are no reports of missing people, injuries, or deaths.

Knowing there are no fatalities helps to enjoy the astonishing photos that were taken from the explosion. Thousands of volcano photos were shared on social media.

Here is a video to show the power of Volcano Calbuco that was posted yesterday. Almost 1 million views so far.

The column of smoke you can see in these various videos and photos and ash rose more than 9 miles into the atmosphere. Below are some of the photos shared since the explosion.


There was even a visible lighting storm through the ash clouds.


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