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Imagine being able to use your cell phone anywhere in the world. One new Internet service is making it possible to stay connected wherever your adventures take you. Unlock Unit promises to permanently unlock your phone quickly and privately over the Internet. An unlocked phone can come in handy in different situations. For instance, a common problem travelers encounter abroad is wanting to use their phone with a local SIM but the phone is locked with their current carrier.

The company’s website promises a commitment to their product. “UnlockUnit was founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest online unlocking services in the business. It offers a fast and safe unlocking process, no technical skills required. We offer our customers 24/7 support, 100% money back guarantee and real time order status tracking (we’re proud to be the only ones in this industry who offer this feature).”

OK, so maybe you’re thinking, I’m not a big traveler, so Unlock Unit isn’t for me. There are plenty of other problems that this service can fix. Maybe you want to switch phone service provider? Or maybe you received a phone from another country and you can’t use it because it is network locked?

UnlockUnit promises to help you unlock your phone fast, safe and easy. The company says by unlocking your phone you will be able to enjoy cheaper roaming fees when traveling abroad, the freedom to use any SIM from any carrier and an increased value of your phone.

You might be asking, how does it work? The process seems pretty simple and straightforward. Just fill out an online order form on their website with your model of phone, its IMEI code and some other basic information. A unique unlocking code will be emailed to you. Once you enter the code into your phone it will be permanently unlocked.

Their services cost $8, which is pretty inexpensive in comparison to hefty roaming charges. Plus, you can put a price on keeping your Instagram followers up-to-date on your vacation abroad.

Many critics have been quick to say that unlocking a phone is illegal, but that is widely believed misconception. UnlockUnit explains that the law states the phone is your property and you have the right to unlock it.

The biggest selling point of this product is that there is no cables or software and no middle man. You can unlock your phone privately and quickly.

Reviews also talk very highly of UnlockUnit’s customer service.

Unlock Unit Testimonials

The company promises to a full refund if the code does not unlock your phone. The codes are also compatible on a number of phones, and customer service is available in many different languages.

UnlockUnit is making it even easier to unlock your phone on the go with their mobile app. Available in the Google Play Store, the app allows you to complete the entire unlocking process. You can even use the app to sign friends up to unlock their phones and earn money!

Speaking of making money, UnlockUnit also provides an affiliate program for businesses, blogs and other industries.The company promises easily earned commission based on the brands of phones unlocked and 24/7 technical help. The website breaks it all down to make it extremely simple to get started.

UnlockUnit’s website also has blog section filled with interesting articles on all things tech. for example, their latest article discusses the recent Nexus rumors. The article delves into Android users’ hopes for a new Nexus smartphone, which could soon be a reality. Besides the latest tech news and rumors, the blog also gives tech tips, such as this article on smartphone photography/>, and tutorials on how to use their unlock codes.

More information is available on their website, unlockunit.com.

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