iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall In Dubai, All Caught On Video [Watch]

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

We all know that feeling, when your beloved smartphone falls from your grasp and you see it tossing and turning for a few seconds before violently hitting the ground. Imagine how you would feel if it fell 40 stories from a Dubai rooftop?

Photographer Catalin Marin had his iPhone recording a time-lapse video of the fog rolling in during the sun rise, sitting on the ledge of a Dubai building, 40-stories up in the air. A gust of wind must have pushed the phone off the ledge causing it to fall all the way down and it recorded the entire drop.

“My heart dropped. I was afraid it was going to fall on someone’s head.”

Thankfully, it was during the early hours of the morning and the area was not crowded. Marin thinks the phone fell into loose gravel. Good job, Apple, because the iPhone was undamaged. Wow.

Check out the footage below:


A man found the phone, returned it to Marin after seeing text messages from the Find My iPhone program.


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