Add Pizazz To Your Message With PingTank [Video]


With emojis being all the craze, a new app is taking the fun to a whole new level. PingTank for Messenger allows users to overlay their posts with lipstick kisses, rage faces, an animated 3D puppy licking the screen, a pop star like Taylor Swift walking across the photo, and scores of other animations that take emoticons into a whole new dimension

Pingtank’s messenger features were recently announced at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference. In a recently released press release, the social media giant said the application will be fully integrated into Facebook’s messenger features.

The unique app is available for Apple and Android users in the App Store and Play Store, respectively. The newly created app promises to add more pizazz to your messages than just a simply emoji. The app is packed with tons of creative options, in both 2d and 3d animation.

Designed by Pingback’s large staff of designers, artists and other tech savvy staff, the uniqueness of the app is going to give the newly introduced set of emojis a run for their money. Pingback’s creator, Jeremy Greene spoke about the origins of the company and how the app will revolutionize messaging.

“Until now, social media platforms only allowed you to ‘like’ content. You couldn’t personalize it in any way,” said Jeremy Greene, PingTank’s founder and CEO. “With our ever-expanding library of exclusive content, we are offering Messenger users a unique way to explore the limits of their creativity.”

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