Silverback Charges At Family In The Gorilla Exhibit At A Nebraska Zoo [Watch]

This was one trip to the zoo a certain family at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska will never forget.

Originally posted on Reddit, the video has gone viral. A male silverback gorilla charges at a family in the gorilla exhibit and cracks the glass barrier that separates them. Good job, glass barrier, you did your one and only job. That family thanks you.

This silverback means business. The caption on Reddit perfectly summarizes what that interaction must have felt like, “There would have been a turd-sized hole blown straight through my drawers on this day.”

Here is a screenshot of the family’s reaction as soon as the silverback hits the glass.

silverback attack reaction

Was the little girl who was beating her chest the thing that provoked this silverback? No one knows. The only thing anyone knows is that this is frightening.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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