New App Promises To Bust Spoilers


How many times have you been in a conversation and heard, “Did you see what happened when…” and you suddenly have to run from the room to keep from ruining that season finale you DVRed? Well, one new application is aiming to save you from spoilers, while still allowing you to talk about your favorite shows, movies and anime.

Spoilbusters is currently in development and claims it will save you from spoilers. The application will serve as a sort of instant messenger that will allow users to talk about shows, movies and other media. The app will filter any spoilers and warn the user before they come across it. If the user choices to see the spoiler, they can do so.


The co-founder, Balazs Pete spoke to Social News Daily about how Spoilbusters came into existence.

“The idea came last year when all the conversations with our friends started with the same phrase: ‘have you seen the latest episode of…’. We started joking (Fringe-ing) about a parallel universe where you could skip these lines and just concentrate on the discussions.”

The creators describe Spoilbusters as a “subscription based crossplatform IM application. The goal was to create a platform for TV and movie enthusiasts, where they can exchange messages and find new friends from all around the world with similar taste. Up to date tracking will keep the conversations spoiler free.”

The application will have a database of more than a thousand titles of various shows, movies and anime. So, all a user will have to do is search for the title that they want to talk about and they will be connected to another user with the same interest. The two are then free to talk their little fan hearts out.


The instant messenger application will be available for IOS and Android users. It is set to launch in May. While this app could revolutionize social media, it may have some competition. Google has announced plans to create a spoiler filter of its very own, but the company seems apprehensive about its success.

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