Coachella 2015: More Than Just Music Made The News


The first weekend of the 2015 Coachella music festival was filled with tons of incredible musical performances, but there was more than just the music making headlines. From questionable fashion choices to shocking on-stage moments, Coachella’s first weekend raised the bar pretty high for next weekend’s festivities. With an attendance of more than 90,000 people, this weekend was crazy to say the least.

Justin Bieber In A Chokehold

For a man that is seeking forgiveness for his immature actions, Justin Bieber is not on a very good path. TMZ reported the pop star was put in a chokehold and escorted out of Coachella. The trouble began when Bieber and his security crew showed up to a backstage entrance of the stage during Drake’s performance. When security would not let him through, Bieber argued that he would be mobbed by fans if he had to watch the show from the crowd, but Coachella security didn’t care. Bieber continued to argue that he was personally invited by Drake. Eventually, a staff member took him by the arm to escort him away. Coachella security even had to step in and put the singer in a chokehold. After a confrontation, Bieber was forced to leave the festival. The biebs wasn’t too happy after the incident and is seeking legal action.

The confrontation was caught on video. While the quality is rather low, it does show Justin being forcefully escorted out.

Drake and Madonna Get A Little Too Close

Speaking of Drake, he made Coachella headlines too, just not with his music. During his set, Madonna made an appearance. The Queen of Pop performed some of her own tracks, while Drake sat in a chair. After her last song, “Express Yourself”, Madge took Drake completely by surprise by passionately kissing him. After the ten-second liplock, Drake’s reaction displayed his shock, although to some it seemed like disgust.

As his reaction went viral, Drake was quick to speak out about why he responded the way he did. He claimed he was into the kiss, but the taste of Madonna’s lipstick made him cringe.

Tyler The Creator Disses Kendall Jenner

After Jack White’s set, Tyler The Creator took the stage. White had eaten into his stage time, so Tyler made some strange remarks about White and shared how much he was a fan.

Between vulgar comments and dancing in a giant bed, Tyler The Creator took a moment to throw some shade at teenage reality star and model, Kendall Jenner. Jenner was in attendance at the festival and front row for his set. In between songs, Tyler called her out. “Kendall Jenner’s here, thinking she cute and s–t,” Tyler said to a quieted crowd as he pointed Kendall out in the audience. “Hey Kendall. Kendall! Kendall! I’m over here to your right. F–k you!” Kendall retaliated by throwing up the middle finger.

Kendall Jenner
[Photo credit: Hollywood Life]

While rumors swirled about a budding feud, the two took to Twitter to share that it was only a joke.

Rape T-Shirt

Most of the fashion at Coachella is pretty questionable to begin with, but one festival attendee’s clothing choices sparked a huge controversy. The concert goer wore a t-shirt with a tasteless saying on it, “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat.” Jemayel Khawaja, the managing editor of Vice’s music and culture channel Thump posted the photo of this classless young man on Twitter.

The shirt’s message was apparently a play on the Fatboy Slim song, “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.” Despite the pun, the shirt was considered extremely offensive to many.

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