Son Steals $300 From Mom, Dad Punishes Him With Bad Haircut [Video]

Father shaves sons head

Many videos featuring unique forms of punishment have gone viral. From teens holding signs on the side of the road apologizing for something they did to dads dressing up in embarrassing outfits because their child disobeyed, these videos have sparked conversation about proper ways to punish your kid.

The latest video shows a father punishing his teen son for stealing $300 from his mother’s purse. The father says on camera that he normally keeps his life private, but he has to do this to teach his son a lesson. He then proceeds to shave his son’s head bald. The teen, donning a t-shirt that states his crime, sits quietly while his father shears away his hair.

This video has gone viral on YouTube with more than 60,000 hits on one channel alone. It has since been uploaded by many different users and picked up by various websites. The footage is gathering many comments as users have differing opinions about whether the father was right or wrong to do this to his son.

One user thinks the son deserved more than just a crappy haircut. “$300? That’s a s—load. I mean seriously, I took maybe $5 once from my mother, and it was only because my parents emptied out my piggy bank and cleared out my bonds for college.”

Others agree with him, “All these little ass kids saying this is too far. The f—in’ kid stole $300 from his mom. $300! He’d get a lot more than a haircut from me.”

Others think the father went too far.

“…just wait until he grows up and gets his revenge while your sleeping.”

“steal $300, spend $30,000 on therapy because of your father.”

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