6 Fun #OITNB Tweets to Get You Revved Up for June


It sucks, doesn’t it?

While Game of Thrones fans are beside themselves with excitement over season 5 starting on Sunday, Orange Is the New Black fans have to wait a couple more months.

Thanks Netflix for getting TV viewers from all over the world hooked on Orange Is the New Black binge watching. And, even if you are not from the US and have no Netflix access, there are ways around that which won’t get you in trouble.

And don’t worry if you’re suffering from lack of Orange, we’ve got some tidbits of fun for you today.

You probably already follow the official Twitter account of the show – @OITNB (if you’re not, then you know what to do), but we’ve handpicked 7 fun #OITNB tweets that will whet your appetite.

Missing the cast? Watch them sing “Stop Don’t Talk to Me”.

That’s a better boost than [whatever your fix is] isn’t it? Or not. But at least it’s clean fun. Now here’s another short video proving, once and for all, that OITNB can do drama. Oh yes they can.

Add to that this little girl who can do drama beyond what a normal person can imagine. Then again, who said Soso was normal? Don’t worry, it’s okay if you can relate. We still love you.

Back to a bit of reality. Life’s not all sugar and spice in there. Still, we can laugh, can’t we?

P.S. Did you have a teddy bear in your Easter Basket this year? We won’t ask what was in it…

And, of course, we can’t have a list of #OITNB tweets without Piper being in it.

Serious question: How do you feel about Piper? Is she more than a 3? (I do think so, even in her prison garb.) Last, but not the least, is a tweet that reaches out to all fans out there.

It’s Friday, but remember that on Wednesdays, wear your #OITNB love loud and proud by donning on something orange. Paint your nails orange. Wear orange socks. Use orange-ish makeup. Just don’t get that tan that gives you a nauseating shade of orange.

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