Meghan Trainor: “Stop Photoshopping My Body”


Hi, Meghan. It’s us again. When we had a few things to take up with you with Dear Future Husband, we want to congratulate you on walking your talk, both in the recording studio and on the glossies.

Your hit single All About That Bass graced the airwaves, and had us shaking our booties and loving our bodies. Moms wrote to you and thanked you, because your song “saved my daughter’s life” and assured all the young ladies listening that it’s okay to love the skin they’re in. you’ve even got Beyonce coming up to you and saying “My daughter and I love your music.” (High fives, girl!)

We’re also thankful you cleared up that debacle about hating on skinny girls. (blame the “skinny b*tches” lyric, it got us confused).

Right now, we are loving you for taking a firm stance and speaking up about photoshopping your body in magazines. You know very well what they’ve done to other celebrities, and you’re not taking this sitting down.

“They won’t let me see photos before they are released. It kills me. I’ve asked about 100 times,” you told the Daily Mail’s You magazine. “One photo was altered so I looked tanned and I was angry because I love my snow-white skin. I rock it. There are a few covers coming out that I’m frightened about. I’ve said, ‘Do you think Beyonce releases a picture she hasn’t approved?’ They shoot me down. I think they’re lying.”

Exactly. You tell ’em, Meghan.


And that’s not all: you’ve also teamed up with FullBeauty, a brand that shines the spotlight on curvy women. The good folks behind FullBeauty — and us, of course — could never be prouder.

We feel privileged to have Meghan Trainor, who has inspired millions with her music, on our team as we promote fashion and empowerment to women,” Paul Tarvin, CEO of FullBeauty Brands, Inc., said in a press release.

We sincerely think what you’re doing right no is so important.  In a place where negative body messaging starts way too early for us to to be okay with, your message and your voice is dearly needed.

Keep singing it, Meghan!

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