Have You Noticed The New Snapchat Update? Smileys, Fire, And Moons Explained

Snapchat Security Feature Hacked Already

Snapchat just launched a HUGE update. No more best friends, just emojis.

Maybe you liked the ‘Best Friends’ visibilitiy or maybe didn’t want random friends knowing who you snapped the most? Well, away with best friends and hello to a specific line of emojis.

According to Snapchat, this update will “change your life.” Are you prepared? Here are the changes:

snapchat update

If you need some further, more detailed, explanation. Here is is:

snapchat update emojis

[via Techcrunch]

On top of the life changing emoji additions. Two more features have been added: the ‘Moon’ and ‘Needs Love’ features.

We all know the struggle of wanting to snapchat something but where you are is too dark and the quality is terrible. Snapchat answered your prayers with the “Moon.” While you are on the camera screen ready to take a photo or video, and the room you are in is dark. Snapchat will recognize this and show a ‘Moon’ icon in the upper right hand corner (shown below0. Tap that and boom! The screen and photo will brighten up.


After you have taken a photo and go to your friends to choose the reciepients. After your ‘Best Friends’ category and your ‘Recents’ there will be a ‘Needs Love’ category. The new section shows people you used to snap a lot but do not anymore, so go on and show them some love.

The reactions about the new update seem to be 50/50. What do you think?

[Photo credit: TechCrunch]


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