Benedict ‘Chocobatch’ Meets His Tasty Demise, Thanks To Sneaky Fans [Video]


Dubbed ‘Chocobatch’, the life-size chocolate figure of actor, Benedict Cumberbatch was devoured by hungry patrons of Westfield Stratford shopping centre. The sneaky nibblers were caught in the act on a hidden camera. Now, these snackers may have been actors placed there to create a hilarious video, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that the people are all licking the same piece of chocolate.

The people in the video are seen licking his arms, breaking off fingers and even kissing his thighs. The video was produced to promote the launch of TV channel Drama on the new on demand service.

The statue was created as part of a marketing gimmick by UKTV. Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch beat out other British TV actors to be awarded “TV’s dishiest drama actor.” The prize was a life-sized chocolate carving in his likeness.

Standing at six feet tall and eight pounds, the delicious sculpture took eight people to create. Putting in more than 250 hours of work, the team was made up of a sculptor, chocolatier and model maker.

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