Carly Rae Jepsen Debuts “All That” on SNL [Video]


Carly Rae Jepsen is really, really into 80’s music nowadays.

After she’d graduated from the meme-tastic and earworm-worthy summer anthem “Call Me Maybe”, she next graced us with “I Really Like You”, the song we all wish had been on the playlist at our prom — or at the very least, the song that played in our heads as we danced under the full moon with our shoes off in the grass, gazing into the twinkling bokeh lights of the fairy lights around the stadium, right before our dream date catches us with that epic one-liner before the kiss, before the credits roll. Yes, Carly, you make us relive all our 80’s prom fantasies with startling vividness, and that’s why we really like you.

She’s now back with a new single, one that has people saying it’s either “Prince-inspired”, or would absolutely fit right into the slow dance scene in the prom movie of our lives. Cue “All That”, a slow, sweet ballad that debuted on the SNL stage recently.

The song happened out of a magical moment of pure musical chemistry. Carly tells TIME:

“One of my favorite memories of this album is Dev and me in my SoHo apartment. He was playing on keys. It was so my magical idea of New York. I was just singing and, half an hour later, we’d written this song together. We looked at each other like, ‘That was so crazy, I don’t even remember doing that!’ Those are the passion moments. This is what I’m in it for.”

Thank you, Carly, for another great song to swoon over. We’ll be sure to watch out or this song, as well as for a number of delicious new hits, coming out on your next untitled album.

Watch the video here:

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