Model On ‘Price Is Right’ Accidentally Gives Away A Free Car [Watch]

“The Price Is Right” came to a screeching halt last Thursday when one contestant didn’t have to do hardly anything to win a car. One of the generous models, Manuela Arbelaez, accidentally revealed the winning price tag on a Hyundai Sonata SE and the show really couldn’t do anything to stop it, so WINNER WINNER!

“Manuela just gave you a car!” – Drew Carey. Quote of the show.

What a lucky day to benefit from someone else’s mistake!

Embarrassed Manuela was genuinely shocked at what happened and hid behind the price options. Drew Carey, trying to recover from everyone thinking ‘what just happened?’ congratulated the contestant and cut to a commercial.

Watch the clip below:

Manuela tweeted everything was ok, her job is safe, and was able to laugh at herself and her mistake.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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