James Corden Falls for Katie Couric’s Prank on April Fools [Video + Poll]

James Corden was in for a bit of a shock when Katie Couric, Best-selling Author and Anchorwoman extraordinaire, tripped as she fixed her shoe and came tumbling down the entrance stairs on his talk show. It as a surreal moment on late-night TV as the personality fell helplessly as the band played on, the audience members too taken aback to stop her.

A terrified Corden rushed to her side to check on the Yahoo! News anchorwoman. For a few seconds, she lay there, still as anything. the audience was just as shocked as he was.

Corden had no idea what was coming to him.

Watch the Prank here:

James Corden good-naturedly carried Katie Couric princess-style over to the safety and comfort of the couches, and checked on his two other guests. Turns out those stairs were no laughing matter: he discussed his concerns with his guests about the precarious entrance steps, and how he worries that one day a guest might actually trip and get injured or real. “We’ve been talking about those stairs,” he says. “We’ve been going back and forth. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Katie Couric just died.’ ”

Couric also graciously checked on Corden to see if the prank was a bit too much for his heart. She also graciously thanked her stunt double Heidi for giving James the fright of his life and pulling off the most amazing fall job ever.

Some folks are saying that pranks like these would best be avoided on April Fool’s Day. Pretending bodily harm, misfortune, or even threats in order to scare onlookers might prove too dangerous for people who suffer from a weak heart or weak constitution. Others say it’s all done in good fun, and everyone else should lighten up and learn ho to take a joke (or a good scare) on April1st.

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