Helen Mirren Answers Interview Questions After Sucking In Helium On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Watch]

First, let’s state the obvious. Helen Mirren has an amazing accent. She could read from the dictionary and have people enthralled with what she is saying.

So, Jimmy Fallon and ‘The Tonight Show’ figured they should capitalize on such an amazing person accompanied with a beautiful accent and have her suck in helium and then answer some questions. The Oscar winner got to relive some old memories, “I haven’t done this since I was about 11.”

Helen Mirren huffin helium was a thing we did not know this world needed until Entertainer of the Year, Jimmy Fallon, graced us with its presence.

Watch the helium clip below.

Helen wasn’t the only one on ‘The Tonight Show’ to answer some questions on helium. Morgan Freeman, the most iconic voice of all, had some fun huffin helium last July.

[Photo credit: EW]


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