Martha Stewart Absolutely Killed At The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber [Watch]

Martha Stewart is 73 years old. But her stand-up at Justin Bieber’s Roast proves that no matter the age, you can slay any performance and hold your own with the best of them.

It was like watching your grandma swear for the first time. Pure perfection.

She joked about eating three of Snoop Dogg’s brownies before she got the call about doing the #BieberRoast on Comedy Central.

The American businesswoman, writer, and television personality flawlessly used her past prison time and what she knows she is famous for, to nail every joke that came out of her mouth. It was just punch after punch said with such poise you will definitely want to watch this again.

Her tweet basically explains it all…

The repeat button is your friend. Watch Martha Stewart kill it below:


[Photo credit: EW]


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