That Moment When Your Dinner Comes Alive [Video]


It is enough to make someone consider becoming a vegetarian. A creepy video is going viral of someone’s dinner seeming to come back from the dead.

The video, entitled the dancing squid bowl, shows a eerie sight as a diner pour soy sauce over their dinner bowl. As the salty liquid hits the cuttlefish, it begins to move as if it is coming alive. The hungry patron pours more soy sauce on the squid to see if it would do it again, and it does. Obviously, the cuttlefish is dead, so what is happening?

The reaction is caused by the high level of sodium in the soy sauce, which triggers a reaction from the cuttlefish’s still active muscle cells. The salt serves as a substitute for the squid’s brain. Creepy, huh?

It seems this can also happen to frog legs, as shown in an NPR experiment. It also makes for a neat party trick.

Whatever the reason, this video definitely doesn’t want you to say ‘Bon Appetit’.

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