Apparently, A Taco Bell Addiction Is A Very Real Thing [Video]

Taco Bell
[Photo credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser]

Sometimes you just need a Taco Bell fix after a long day. Well, one woman seems to really need her Quesarito and Baja Blast fix. Seriously, she is jonesing for some tacos, don’t make her wait!

This footage was recently uploaded to YouTube and is quickly gathering views. The video is shot from the perspective of a driver waiting in a Taco Bell drive-thru lane. The lady at the window is a bit upset after waiting a while for her food. The employee is extremely courteous to her and apologizes many times for the inconvenience, but the lady is enraged. She flies off the handle, as she hangs out of her car window yelling profanity at the employees. She uses some pretty colorful language.

She is handed her food and yet another apology and the furious woman speeds off to scarf down her Doritos Locos Tacos.

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