You Asked It! Turns Answering Questions On Twitter Into Fun

Twitter has thousands of users asking questions every single day and a website by the name of You Asked It! wants to make it fun when answering those questions. There’s just one catch: Only one question will appear at a time and you have just 30 seconds to answer. The concept was created by Maarten Schenk, owner of

The concept is very interesting and how everything works is simple. When you first load up the site, you are met with a random tweet with a question mark. Below the tweet is a countdown clock that says, “20.4 seconds left to answer this.”

You can type a reply in the box below and hit the blue “Send my reply” button, or you can click, “Get me a different question!” If you don’t want to respond to completely random questions, it is also easy to customize what questions appear. Next to “Questions must contain,” enter a keyword or phrase. Responding to Twitter questions on You Asked It! is unique in that it does not require special access to your account. As long as you are logged into clicking reply will pop-up a new window with your response automatically embedded.

You can check out this fun feature here and start answering questions from people around the world.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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