Man Pretends To Like One Direction; CBS Airs Video [Watch]

The Directioners, They can’t. They can’t even. This one guy also couldn’t even, after his crying face went live on national TV.

In the light of the announcement that Zayn Malik was quitting One Direction, fans the world over have taken their grief to social media. Tweets ran rampant, and the Internet felt the overwhelming presence of distraught Directioners. Youtube was not an exception: fans posted vlogs weeping over the “the hardest thing they’ve had to wake up to, ever”.

One man decided to (possibly) poke fun at the phenomenon by adding his bit of weepiness – and earned a spot on the CBS daily video segment for his antics. Watch it here:

The original poster of the video took his fifteen seconds of fame (or infamy?) to Reddit, and the reactions have been priceless. Fellow Redditors responded with pun after pun (“You don’t have to lie to kick it. This is a safe place”, “Story Of Your Life, eh?”, “He’s got that one thing that he cares about. I need that one thing”), and even commented on his choice of props. (“What was that picture printed on? It’s not paper. It’s like a tiny, paper pillow.” “It is made of the same material as OP’s fragile heart, which has been broken in the wake of this terrible terrible tragedy.”)

A number of Reddiotrs also commented on how the One Direction grief recalled the days when Take That announced their split. “Yeah I thought that it was seriously weird. But then I remembered what happened when Take That split. Videos of women crying in the streets and stuff.” “And a helpline set up for counselling against self harm or worse which was mentioned on News at Ten.” ” My school had a special assembly to break the news that they’d split up, offering counseling and stuff. Lots of sh*t happened on a global scale when I was growing up, yet Take That splitting up was the only thing serious enough that class was cancelled to break the news.”

One contributor went as far as to write a short parody ditty called “The Worst News Ever”.

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