Twitter Helps Drive Traffic And Sales For E-Commerce [Study]

Twitter is used by millions of online retailers and according to a new study, it helps drive traffic and sales for e-commerce websites. The study was put together by Compete which looked at the influence of tweets on online shopping.

2,600 Internet consumers in the US were observed who had seen tweets from over 700 different retailers between August and mid-October. Mobile phone or tablet activity was not included as researchers focused on desktop use only through the platform (no third-party apps).

When it came to users who saw tweets from retailers, they were found to be 95 percent more likely to visit a retail site compared to 90 percent across general Internet users. This information proved valid on specific niche sites, not just mass retailers such as Amazon or Walmart.

The study also found that Twitter users who saw tweets from retailers are 39 percent more likely to make an online purchase, while just 27 percent of general Internet users are likely to purchase from a retail site.

These findings come fresh off of Twitter’s announcement that it’ll be giving away $1 million in free credits to small businesses on Saturday, November 24th. For new advertisers, especially online retailers, it’s a great opportunity to try out Promoted Tweets or Promoted Accounts.

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