Valspar Paint Brings Color To the Colorblind [Video]


300 million people around the world suffer from colorblindness. Paint giant, Valspar is striving to reach those people and allow them to experience color.

Valspar’s latest initiative, #ColorForAll involves a partnership with EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness glasses. The paint leader will give these special glasses to number of colorblind individuals to help raise awareness.

“As a company deeply rooted in color, Valspar believes that everyone deserves to see and appreciate the experience that color brings to life,” said Joel Wasserman, Director of Brand Integration at Valspar. “Most people don’t know what it’s like to live in a muted world. We’re dedicated to making a change for the better and igniting a conversation around the impact of color.”

The “Color For All” initiative is centered around a documentary titled, “Color For The Colorblind.” The film shares the stories of four colorblind people experiencing color for the very first time.

Others with the same disability are invited to share their stories with #ColorForAll or for a chance to be featured in the film or receive the special eyewear.

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